Hy9 Partners


ReliOn’s forward-thinking design philosophy results in fuel cell power solutions that give the customer a highly reliable, cost-effective and clean energy solution with a seamless upgrade path, maximizing initial investments in fuel cell systems, and dramatically reducing the impact on operating budgets and the environment.

Through proven field performance and third party testing, ReliOn fuel cell systems have demonstrated many of the benefits associated with traditional technologies while minimizing the limitations associated with battery systems and combustion generators. This is the ReliOn difference.

Clean Energy Investments is focused on developing the hydrogen economy of South Africa by creating viable and sustainable hydrogen end-to-end standby power solutions for the African Market.

MVS Engineering has been at the forefront of technology and has supplied over 7000 Air & Gas equipment worldwide, since it began operations in 1977, 35-years ago. MVS Engineering is India's largest Turnkey supplier of Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen gas generators and a reputed name worldwide, with MVS equipment successfully operating in over 50-countries. MVS partners with Hy9 to integrate purifiers into MVS Ammonia Cracking Hydrogen Generators and also supplies stand-alone package purifiers with Hy9 membranes for cylinder Hydrogen purification.

  Altergy Systems designs and manufactures proprietary proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell power systems, branded as Altergy Freedom Power™ products. These compact, rugged, high efficiency systems produce power at the point of use -- making reliable, distributed power generation a reality.

 Established in 1930, Sankosha Corporation is a global leader in lightning protection that is constantly developing new products to meet the changing needs of today’s information based society.  Sankosha’s expertise covers lightning detection, risk analysis, lightning protection systems, backup power and grounding.  The company also provides measurement equipment, signal products, and meteorological information services.  At Sankosha, we approach the continuing challenges of lightning protection with experience, knowledge and pride.