Hy9 is the leading manufacturer of Palladium metal membrane hydrogen purifiers and methanol fueled hydrogen generators for fuel cell backup power, high purity industrial gas, and motive hydrogen fueling applications.



Our products transform hydrocarbons into Hydrogen of greater than 99.9999% purity. They are simple to apply, scalable and robust.

As a fuel processor for fuel cell power systems, Hy9’s HGS-M™ hydrogen generator offers superior total cost of ownership over batteries, diesel generators and Hydrogen cylinders in terms of operating cost and reduced management, repair and operation.

The Key is to Guarantee Ultra-Pure Hydrogen

Hy9’s H2Pure™ palladium membrane hydrogen purifiers, which are incorporated in every HGS-M hydrogen generator, produce hydrogen of purity greater than 99.9999%. This purity ensures reliable, long duration PEM fuel cell operation facilitating telecommunications integrity during power outages. In industrial markets, these palladium membrane purifiers are used for recycling of hydrogen in electric power generators, glass and semiconductor manufacture and metal treating.